Need for a reliable stand designer for the Batibouw®?

Trust Clamens Design to promote YOUR BRAND ENVIRONMENT ON THE BATIBOUW®!


At Clamens Design, we have the skills to conceive and build your next exhibit!

Clamens Design offers you:

The wow-factor… and more

Beyond the wow-factor, to provide an intelligent design where the look & feel is combined with practical marketing and communications objectives.

A large professional service

To facilitate your event with a friendly and professional service, guaranteeing satisfaction from design concept to completion.


A good quality-price-service ratio, with flexible and eco-responsible solutions, and modular stands reusable for several trade fairs.

At the intersection of architecture, design, and communication, Clamens Design Stands & Events creates brand experience spaces that showcase your products with meaningful, engaging, and creative Sets and layouts.

Jean-Pascal Clamens